In 2015, Abbie Nelson and Pia Phillips set out to make a difference. Together with Abbie’s mom Martha, the teens started PAB’S PACKS in order to bring comfort and encouragement to chronically ill teenagers. 

Over the last four years, PAB’S PACKS has been honored to fulfill this mission. Through our hard work, generous donors, and corporate partners, PAB’S has brought comfort and encouragement to over 8,000 teenagers and their families nationwide. On a daily basis, we receive notes of thanks from recipients who share about the impact their pack made. More than once, we have heard stories of past recipients who, inspired by our work, decided to start their own projects in their local hospital. We could not be prouder of this legacy. Together, we have witnessed the great impact two teenagers can make when they set out to make a difference.

Despite the support and respect we have received from the community, we continue to find the fundraising landscape exceptionally challenging and ever-changing. After much research, consult, and reflection, our board of directors has made the difficult and fiscally responsible decision to close the doors of PAB’S PACKS, effective the end of June, 2019. 

Over the next few months, we will continue our mission and programming to distribute packs to chronically ill teens as we file paperwork to officially close our non-profit. All of our remaining funds will provide for the distribution of our final 2,500 packs though our hospital and camp partners. Although we are grieving this change, we as a team are confident that this decision allows us to not only end well, but to steward our resources in the best possible way.

We are incredibly grateful for your unyielding support of our work. Thank you for championing us.  We hope that our work continues to inspire others to see that they, too, can make a difference. 


Why are you closing PAB’S PACKS? I thought you guys were doing so well! 

Thank you—we are proud of our work! We set out to make a difference and we know in our hearts that we accomplished our goal.  As with other nonprofits, there is always more work to be done but funds to secure. The original mission of PAB’S PACKS was to provide comfort and encouragement to chronically ill teenagers and we believe we’ve not only met that goal but surpassed it. We did a great job.

But, really, why now? 

In order to operate in a sustainable way, we were in need of complementary funds that would allow us to expand and grow our capacity. Due to the changing and challenging funding landscape, we were not able to secure these funds. We believe making this choice now is the most fiscally responsible decision that allows us to best steward our remaining resources and funds in the best possible way. 

But did you think of trying _____? 

This was not an easy decision. Much thought, research and consultations with experts went into our board’s final decision.

I donated this year. How will my money be used? 

All remaining funds and donations will be used to carry out the final programming and distribution of PAB’S PACKS to our hospital and camp partners. In total, 2,500 chronically ill teenagers will still receive comfort and encouragement through your donation to PAB’S PACKS this year. 

How can we help?

1.     Celebrate all we accomplished! PAB’S PACKS has made a huge difference and you were a part of that. Help us end well by joining us in celebration.

2.    Connect with your local children’s hospital and ask what you can do to support their adolescent patient populations. Teenagers are often an overlooked population in the hospital in need of age appropriate donations and peer support. (Teen friendly items: fleece blankets, playing cards, strategy board games, journals, pens, plush animals, stress balls, lotion and lip balm, fuzzy socks.)

3.    Continue to live out our values of generosity and empathy in your own local community by getting involved and giving back!