PAB'S PACKS is a non-profit organization founded by teenagers to provide comfort and encouragement to chronically ill teens by donating custom-designed backpacks filled with select items to enhance their hospital stays. 

Our teen founders, Abbie and Pia, created PAB'S PACKS after being diagnosed with chronic illnesses. Enduring multiple hospitalizations, they soon realized a comfort gap existed for teenagers. Wanting to fill that gap, the girls helped to design these backpacks and the items inside.

PAB'S PACKS are specifically designed for adolescents (aged 10-19) with longterm or repeat hospital visits in order to ease the stresses they may encounter in the hospital setting. We are honored by your interest in partnering with us to provide chronically ill teens the support that they need. The below form is to be completed by a hospital or summer camp staff member who has direct involvement in establishing donation partnerships at their organization.

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Contact Name:
Who will be the main contact for this partnership? This is usually a Child Life Specialist/Development Director at your institution/organization.
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Contact Phone:
What pediatric specialties or units do you serve? PAB'S PACKS are were created for teenagers aged 10-19.
Our longterm goal is to distribute backpacks to all children with chronic illnesses. Your answers to the following questions will help us know your hospital's annual need and storage/distribution capacity. This is simply an introductory estimate to get us started. Details: Our backpacks will ship to you fully packed and ready to be distributed! They will come in cardboard boxes (24"x12"x12") 4-5 packs to a box. Keep this in mind as you answer the questions below.
General Inquiries *
After PAB'S PACKS initiates the shipping of your backpacks, distribution will be completed by child life staff and hospital volunteers per your discretion. In order to help volunteers and CCLS team members best spread and share the mission behind PAB'S PACKS, we ask that you share our story with them. As a PAB'S PACKS hospital, CCLS and volunteers distributing PAB'S PACKS will be versed in the PAB'S PACKS mission and story.
We love to hear and share the stories of impact our packs are having! As a PAB'S PACKS hospital, you agree to share photos and stories, (when appropriate and available) with us, as well as participate in our annual survey (an online survey, or phone call with our director, where we review the year and ask for your feedback!)
We like to visit PAB'S PACKS hospitals. As a partner hospital, you will be open to having and hosting our founders or team members on-site to distribute backpacks for a handout event. (i.e. If we're in town, we'd love to meet you and hand out our PAB'S PACKS in person with your team!)
• The backpacks are a donation to the hospital and no goods or services will be exchanged for the donation. PAB'S PACKS is a 501(c)(3) organization [EIN: 47-2889635] • The PAB'S PACKS company is not liable for injury once the backpacks are distributed • If your hospital permits, we would like to take pictures for marketing purposes and have the patient sign a release form, protecting patient confidentiality. • Once you are a PAB’s PACK hospital, you will be open to a kickoff handout event with PAB's PACKS staff to initiate the distribution of the backpacks. • PAB’s PACKS representatives, child life staff members, and hospital volunteers will distribute supply to teens and families (whether bedside or in teen/family room)